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Ridiculous Upside Official Mock Draft 2.0

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Okay, here's 2.0, immediately after the lottery. Here's a quick review of our Mock Draft policies .

We settled on Rose at first, but just couldn't go through with it. Not with Hinrich, Gordon and Hughes in the back court. In reality, there needs to be a trade one way or another in order to justify any decision they make.

We also struggled with the Grizzlies, but since we're devoted to having the teams pick who they should take, we reached on Love, the next best available big man.  DeAndre Jordan and Anthony Randolph are both viable options here.

Giving up on the Pacer sticking with Diener and Tinsley was painful, especially since we LOVE the idea of the Kings taking Westbrook.  But after reading the Pacers' front office thoughts on their point guard situation, not only is it impossible to ignore their opinions, but Indy Cornrows made a good case for a new point.

Yes, Milwaukee, you're still taking Augustin.  We know, we know. Listen, you trade Michael Redd to Cleveland for Boobie Gibson or Timbuktu or anywhere else for a point, and we'll give you somebody else. Until then, you're stuck with the second best point in the draft.

The mock draft is after the jump.