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Top Picks 5.21.08

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As you can imagine, BlogABull is over the moon . They also think Paxson wants Rose . They want Rose. Rose, Rose, Rosey Rose.  Oh, and they've provided an outlet for Kirk Hinrich hate.

The Lottery had good ratings. Really good ratings . Too bad some people hate it .

Mum's the Riley word .

D-League President Dan Reed is down in Rio Grande Valley , visiting a franchise with no GM and no official coach.  Oh, and this is the team that supplied half the Rockets' bench.

Phoenix fans are less than thrilled with having to look at the draft right now.

Clips Nation is keeping their heads up .  Which is easy when you have Elton Brand coming back with Livingston, Kaman, and Thornton, at least.

Best quote today? "Math hates the Grizzlies ."

Josh Carter is headed back to College Station.

Talk about the Knicks trading the sixth . Oh, and the big nugget, about DÁntoni knowing Gallinari's pops. We swear on Julius Hodge that we didn't factor this into our latest mock draft.

There's going to be a  severe number of changes to the Bucks before the draft.  We're awaiting the chaos.  We're currently at Defcon Redd.

Posting and Toasting, living at six.

Ball In Europe takes a look at the Euros and points out that Koufos could return to Greece. Yikes.

Clippers Blog wants Russell Westbrook.  We can't blame them. Eric Gordon is a better prospect overall.  We rarely adhere to such rules, but every time we try and kick him out, we keep asking "We have Eric Gordon outside the top 10? This is Madness!" To which I always scream "This! Is! Sparta!"out of habit.

The Dream Shake is not thrilled with Mr. Ford.

Ranking the weight  of what draft picks evolve into.

Derrick Rose is from Chicago . Have we mentioned he's from Chicago? Because he's from Chicago. Chicago-Chicago.

Today's adventure in why life sucks for Memphis Grizzlies fans.

The Grizzlies' GM is leaving to run the new D-League Reno franchise. Yes, the Gateway Grizzlies minor-league baseball  team. Wait. What? Yeah, we're confused, too. Don't worry, D-League fans (both of you). We're on the trail.

Brilliance .

Today's other example of the why life sucks for Memphis fans.

DEX, meet CDR. Great interview.

An amazing article from Ford. Also, a terrifying rumor about "promises" being made to DeAndre Jordan.  Let me put it this way.  The word "Olowokandi" is bandied about.