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Quick Picks 5.26.08

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I'm traveling, actually out with the Corndogg in North Carolina, so that's why posting's been light. We'll have 2.3 MockDraft up tomorrow, as well as a shake down of the "media reports" of who's looking at taking who, which should of course be taken with a grain of salt.


  • Eerie's new D-League team has a name. The BayHawks . Not exactly as cool as the Mad Ants. But hey, to each their own. Welcome, Bayhawks.
  • Joakim Noah is very, very dumb.
  • Miami is now talking about not taking Beasley if the Bulls take Rose.  They're discussing OJ Mayo.  We heard this, and the rest of our Memorial Day was ruined since our brains exploded in our skulls.  GMs make us nauseous.