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SBNation Mock Draft, Pick #1: Chicago Bulls

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With the first pick in the SBNation Mock Draft, the Chicago Bulls, represented by Blog-A-Bull , select...


Derrick Rose: Point Guard, Memphis University. 6-3, 205 lbs.




From Blog-A-Bull : The Bulls not only need to get a 'best' player on their roster, but one that will lead the others already there. I think Rose is the type of player, at the right position, to do that. Both him and Beasley have flaws, but Rose seems more the type to reach his ceiling whereas I doubt Beasley's ability to significantly improve as a pro. While it could be justified that the Bulls go big, it's not as if Beasley is a
shotblocking defensive force like an Oden or Hakeem, and there are ultimately limits to what an undersized PF can contribute. With Rose, the Bulls can reshape their roster around him, and they already have many of the right parts to play with him immediately.