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Top Picks 6.23.08

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A look around the web as we count down to Draft Day.

  • Indy Cornrows is looking at Augustin at eleven. Their point guards are going to be widdle biddle.
  • Canis Hoopus has the final board down. They question the guards in the draft, crunch some numbers, and follow a trend that's gaining steam late. The trend? Michael Beasley is a beast. He's gaining momentum at the right time, but it won't help him jump to the Bulls.
  • BrewHoop's got it's usual fantastic rundown of stuff, including some bad news on my favorite underdog pick, Anthony Randolph. Also, after running some stats last night, letting Bayless fall is going to be a huge screwup in my opinion.
  • I'm trying to figure out the logic behind this. Don't get me wrong, I hate the idea of the Heat drafting Mayo. It sounds like the worst possible decision to me. But if they're not going to take Beasley, you have to take Mayo, don't you? Do they just feel like they know him well enough? But if that's the case, don't you know Rose well enough, since, oh, you know, Riley left the Heat to go scout him? The only logical explanation I can come up with for this is that the Heat really are looking at the Wade trade. Otherwise, this is just silly.
  • USA Today ramps up its blogging by dropping a top five sleepers for the draft. Hey, Chris Lofton! Good to hear you're alive!
  • So we can go ahead and pencil in Hibbert to the Jazz, right?
  • With the recent addition of Marc Gasol, could the Grizzlies think they're okay down low, and be looking at Mayo, which allows them to trade Miller? Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!
  • Here's simultaneously another indication that the Mayo switchout is insane, and a clue that this is a damn good blogger.
  • I sound terrible on podcasts.
  • Indy. Cornrows. Home. Run.
  • Yikes, French guy has bad ticker.
  • These are not rules. Consider them The Rules.