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So You're Saying There's A Chance

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Unlike Lloyd Christmas ending up with Mary “Samsonite,” this one (at least in the Corndogg’s mind) has legs. So, in case you haven’t heard, Portland just bought New Orlean’s #27 pick this morning for the customary $3 million. Now, with a roster already capped at 15 players under contract and about a dozen picks in this draft (just kidding, its 5 now), logic seems to dictate that Kevin Pritchard is working on a serious deal.


Here’s what I think. Michael Freakin’ Beasley. Think about it. The Heat aren’t hot for Iron Mike. Portland, though not possessing the legit veterans Miami claims to covet, does have a few things that could entice them. How about nearly $13 million expiring next year with Raef Lafrentz? How about the picks from this year and next year’s draft, especially #s 33 and 36 this year. Why? Because you can still get first round talent at those spots without having to guarantee contracts. What about Jarrett Jack? I mean, the Heat ain’t getting Big Daddy Rose, so at least Jack is serviceable.


Think about the possibilities. The Heat will have to suck it up this year and see what fun can be had with Wade, Matrix and the lot. But then… Hello Carlos Boozer. With Marion and Lafrentz off the books next year and the Booz, who really wants to play in Miami, could come calling. Add into that the good young talent that their good young coach, Eric Spoelstra, can develop over the next two years and you have the makings of an Eastern Conference contender. Oh, and BTW, none of those great youngsters will be sucking up major cap space, meaning the Heat can afford to give Wade the money (and sidekick) he needs in order to stay in South Beach when his contract is up. They could still luck into a really good young player at 13 like Mario Chalmers, Robin Lopez or they could take a flier on an upside kid like Deandre Jordan or Anthony Randolph. A team full of veterans would not be as willing to take orders from the youngest coach in the NBA anyway. I could see better deal than this for Miami, but I don’t think other GMs have the balls of Pritchard and can make it happen.


So, where does this leave the Blazers? Well, it only gives them a starting lineup of Oden, Aldridge, Beasley, Roy and Sergio Rodriguez. This gives you 2 great scorers/leaders in Aldridge and Roy. One superstar scorer and matchup nightmare in Beasley. A defensive man-child in Oden and some great young talent to surround them, such as Martell Webster, Joel Pryzbilla, Steve Blake and whatever Euros/UFAs (undrafted free agents) they can find. Seriously, look at that starting lineup again. I don’t think anyone in the West would have a better one over the span of the next 8 years. Its ridiculous to conceive of it, but I am here to say it could be a very real, uh, reality.


So, do you think this trade works for both teams? The Heat get #13, 33 and 35 plus Travis Outlaw, Jarrett Jack and Raef’s expiring contract for #2 and Mark Blount’s slightly larger contract, expiring in 2010?


 (Ed. note: Commentor "Rosewood" beat me to the punch. As soon as I published this article, I realized that I had overestimated what Beasley would be making and read Outlaw's contract wrong - he has two years left, not one. So year, put Marcus Banks in there. Who cares? At least he would give Roy a workout in practice. I'd still recommend the trade, even with him tacked on. Thanks Rosewood).