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It's My Mock and I'll Take Joe Alexander Wherever I Want To

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Well, if Matt has gotta get his mock all up in my face, I might as well retaliate. Tonight is going to be more fun than a night in Indy with Tinz and S-Jax. I, for one, expect a MASSIVE amount of wheelin' and dealin' tonight... which means no trades will happen and everyone will pick the player Chad Ford projects for them. But, I still have a voice in this matter (read: opinion), so here goes my mock draft. I truly hope that a mock as sedate as this does not happen, but my mind is spinning too quickly to even possibly decipher the mayhem that might ensue.So, tonight on our liveblog, just keep in mind that I will be repeating this prayer over and over and over again: "Dear God, if you love me and hear these words, please unleash chaos on Madison Square Garden tonight, Thursday June 26, 2008 around 7:30 EST. K THANX BAI."

Mock It Out:

Chicago: Derrick Rose (duh)

Miami: O.J. Mayo (Riley will do is just to stick it in everyone's face)

Minny: Mike Beasley (even McHale can't screw this one up)

Seattle: Jerryd Bayless (though I expect the Sonics to trade out of this spot, either way)

Memphis: Brook Lopez (everyone else says Kevin Love, I say "I'm thinking like Chris Wallace")

New York: Danilo Galinari (cause Coach D just can't help himself)

Clippers: Russell Westbrook (thanks for falling in our lap)

Milwaukee: Joe Alexander (this is wherever I want to)

Charlotte: Kevin Love (MJ loves him and they can get Courtney Lee or CDR with the #20)

New Jersey: Eric Gordon (in my opinion, best player on board right now)

Indiana: Kosta Koufos (no need for a guard, big need for inside scoring)

Sacramento: D.J. Augustin (see Clippers explanation)

Portland: (Ed. note: Lost track of my picks and had Bayless on the board twice, which left Augustin here for Portland - Just so they could rub it in everyone's face. Alas, they will just have to make do with...) Brandon Rush

Golden State: Darrell Arthur (because I said so)