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The Quick Hitter

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First off, a big RU THANK U to everyone who participated in the liveblog last night. I could not have imagined having so much fun in my underwear, with a beer. Wait, yes I can, but this was still a close second. Really though, the comments were hilarious and insightful and it turns out that everyone really hates Jason Thompson. So we got that going for us, which is nice.


My immediate thoughts on who did well and who was typical (read: awful) last night:

Winners: Portland, Miami, New Jersey

My head is actually hurting thinking about how many players and picks Kevin Pritchard got in this draft. One thing I do know for sure, Jerryd Bayless and Brandon Roy will be a sick backcourt. Im sure the Blazers got about 12-15 more great players out of this draft. Great Success!

Miami did what we thought they would do and took Beasley. Riley is the anti-christ, but he ain't no idiot. Backpeddling into Chalmers in the second round might be the steal of the draft. Also, Darnell Jackson will steal minutes from Mark Blount, which is a nice.

Let's take stock of what the Nets did, shall we? Brook Lopez (the guy they coveted), Ryan Anderson (a super sleeper) and CDR (RU's FAVE!). Not to mention getting their newest marketing toy, Yi (check out the front page of and Bobby Simmons' contract which expires during the SUMMER OF LEBRON! All the gave up was Richard Jefferson. Well done Kiki. Well done, indeed.

Losers: Kings, Bobcats, Darrell Arthur, O.J. Mayo, Adriana Lima

Jason Thompson. Learn it, love it Ziller. Cause it is a reality.

The Bobcats took another small point who can't play defense (although I think Augustin could be quite good, there were much better players on the board at that time), a French guy who won't see the NBA for 3+ years (when they could have had Darrell Arthur or Ryan Anderson) and Kyle Weaver (when they could have had CDR). If you want to win NOW, MJ, why don't you get some players that will help you do it. Good thing you dont need size in Charlotte, cause you only have 2 guys on your opening day roster above 6'10"

Poor Darrell Arthur. Last guy in the green room. Has to watch Serge Ibaka (who said he is not coming to the states for years) drafted ahead of you. Oh, and did we mention Jason Thompson. At least he probably set the record for "Most Traded Player" on draft night. From Portland to somewhere to Houston to Memphis. I hope you are an All Star in 3 years. In fact, I demand that you be one.

Mayo - so you get drafted by one of the least marketable NBA teams. Not ideal. Oh, but wait -- what's that I hear? You are getting traded O.J. Nothing could be worse than Minny. Oops. Spoke too soon. Welcome to Memphis. Suck it long and suck it hard. Nice glasses though.

Adriana Lima. You are one of the most beautiful women in the world. But once you get an Elvis fix and start eating all those ribs, you are gonna look more Beale Street than Brazilian. You are, the biggest loser. Good bye.


I'm sure there is a lot I missed. But hey, I'm just a Corndogg. Matt and I will be constantly updating throughout the day with quips, grades and the like. We even have THE BEST PHOTOSHOP EVER coming in our Grizz/Wolves trade breakdown. Also, God Hates the Knicks.