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Top Picks 6.3.08

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Indiana really can't go wrong here . Either Westbrook or Augustin is at worst a safe choice and at best a steal at 11.

BrewHoop has been KILLING it with draft analysis, along with quite a few other SBNation Basketball blogs, and today they have a great piece on how scouting is really subjective.  Just another sign that the draft is an absolute crapshoot.

Canis Hoopus has a look at the possibility of Beasley falling to #3 , and how the Heat may be targeting a free agent next year. They also mention that if Beasley does fall, the possibility of trading with Memphis, for quite a bit, and taking a more reasonable selection with the 5th pick. It would be absolutely stunning for Beasley to fall to three.

Canis Hoopus also has a mock draft aggregator put together.

A look inside a demented mind .

In really, really unsurprising news, DJ Augustin is locked in for the draft, having hired an agent. Quake, Bucks fans, quake!

The California AG wants to speak with OJ Mayo , in yet another thing NBA GMs will completely disregard since he's a shooting guard that can defend. Mayo. Not the AG.

The Magic are working out Marreese Speights . That's got to get 3QC 's blood pumping.

Dozier's likely out of the draft, back to school . Good decision, and he can definitely move into a solid first rounder with a good senior season.

How would you like to have been around for Kevin Love versus DeAndre Jordan ? The Grizzlies' front office must have drooled.

I'm going to keep hammering this until it gets through. DJ Augustin is the only guard likely to go top 10 whose game is truly centered on passing and creating for his teammates.

Beasley is 6'8'' . That's all I got.

Posting and Toasting knows Jerryd Bayless .  Don't overlook his flat out speed and the asset that would be to D'Antoni.