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Vegas Summer League Day 2 Numbers

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I didn't catch day 2's action.  Not for lack of want-to.  But the buffering rate on the livestream from comes through my laptop like it's being broadcast by HAM radio.  You know how frustrating it is to hear "Randolph, again!" and not be able to see it?  Not only were a total of zero games broadcaston NBATV today in favor of such programing as the weekly FIBA program and the seven hundred thousandth running of the Team USA promos, but is not hosting an archive of the games.  That sound you hear is me vomiting on this post. You don't have to hold the games long, NBA.  Just four days. Just long enough to give those of us that have computer issues a chance to watch them. Throw me a bone, here.

So, seeing as how I'm a blogger, and the majority of what I do is reading and interpreting stuff, here are some numbers and observations to chew on.  These are just numbers, but take them with a big grain of salt.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the biggest things to watch for here are defense and an understanding of offensive and defensive systems. So take this with a gigantic grain of salt. If you haven't been paying attention, think of this as a series of names to keep an eye on and remember. If you did watch, please tell me what the hell happened. I hate you, NBA. I hate you. Just kidding. I love you. Don't ever leave me.

Kings 93 Raptors 86:

Talk about a letdown.  Going into this thing, there were three teams I was pumped about. One of them was the Toronto Raptors. And this was more than a little disappointing. First off, Jawaibberwocky did not play, for whatever reason.  He was just signed earlier this week though, so it may be a few. He wasn't even listed as active.  Mr. Benson sprained his MCL at some point, and was held out.  And the younger Bosh brother was also not in action. What the hell. 

Joey Graham had a nice game, kind of. 24 points, but on 6 of 13 shooting. 8 rebounds, 8 personal fouls.  1 assist, 5 turnovers.  Not so hot. 

It is at this point I bring your attention to Dije Akindele. 6-10, 240 out of Chicago State, spent the last three years in the D-League.  Tonight in 22 minutes, you've got 13 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, with 8 fouls, and no turnovers. Not bad. Keep an eye out, at only 24 years old.

Sean Banks was a dud. This guy has an NBA game. But he's got to show it.

How about Jaycee Carroll? No wear and tear from Orlando.    14 points in 14 minutes on 6 of 9 shooting. No other stats to speak of, which isn't good, but hey, pure shooters are pure shooters. We'll see if he gets more minutes next game.

Patrick Ewing? Ouch.  0 points on 0-4 shooting, 3 assists, 2 fouls in 14 minutes.

Spencer Hawes is working hard. He's doing what sophomores should do. Killing people.

Jason Thompson, your prototypical rookie game. 12 points, 7 rebounds in 20 minutes, with 8 fouls and 5 turnovers.  That's the walk.

Bobcats 81-Clippers 66

Boy, Clippers don't like playing back to back, do they? Disgusting offensive performance by a team that should do better. Every player but Eric Gordon and Al Thornton  took a step back today. Which is fine, since they're the only two guaranteed to be on the team in November.

Jamario Davidson had a solid game for the Cats.15 points, 8 rebounds, 60% from the field.  Not bad.

Augustin, 14 points, but only 2 assists.  He's got to boost that. He needs to be the guy on this squad.

14 players got time for the Cats. You have to wonder how seriously the Cats' staff is taking this.

Eric Gordon looked good again, apparently. 15 points, but on only 4 of 10 shooting. Which still isn't bad. Mike Taylor  (D-League!) had another good game, and is looking more and more like a keeper for the Clippers.

Marcus Williams, 0-6. You're killing me, kid.

Fazekas also came back to earth. Ugh.

Sixers 85, Nuggets 99

Nuggets vs. Clippers may make my head asplod.

Look, go ahead and pencil in Thaddeus Young for 22 points a night. But only 4 rebounds? He took the night off tonight on the glass. 3 assists and 4 turnovers?  Come on, son, you're better than that. /Mark Jackson, begin hanging self.

Speights with 14 and 5, not bad. At least he's not being overwhelmed by the older guys.

Hey, Jason Smith had 15. Way to go, kid! And look! Only 8 fouls! Nice job! When you come home and you walk in the kitchen, does your mother duck?

Elton Brown had 13 and 11, with 3 turnovers and 5 fouls. Solid.

Dahntay Jones (D-League!) had 21 points, but shot 15 times. Ease up on the trigger finger, there, bud.

Keith Langford, ho hum, 14 points in 16 minutes, 3 assists, 1 turnover, 50% from the floor.  You know, the usual. SIGN HIM. SIGN HIM NOW.

Sonny Weems, 17 points in 20 minutes on 8 of 15 shooting. Intriguing.

Grizzlies 88, Bucks 79

OJ Mayo is apparently terrifying.  I need this kid to start sucking now if I'm going to look like anything but a jackass. I knew he'd be good. But 26 points (albeit on 19 shots), 5 rebounds, and he cut his turnovers in half, down to 4? I don't care that he had a 1:4 assist to turnover ratio. He's getting buckets.

Mike Conley had a wretched night. Wretched.

Javaris Crittenton is apparently the devil. 6 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds. I love that kid's game. Would've been nice if he hadn't shot 25%. He only took 4 shots though. He's either spooked, or has a member of the coaching staff reining him in on shots. He's a better scorer than this.

PJ Tucker, 11 points, 8 rebounds. Okay, warm up the sleeper sirens.  Let's go ahead and get excited about this kid before he ends up in Fort Wayne in five months.

Joe Alexander. 2 of 13. I'll go ahead and leave this one alone. K?

Ramon Sessions, 12 points, 8 assists, 7 turnovers. Huh. Talk about a game all over the place. He was terrible from the field but great at the stripe, and got there a lot. He was passing and creating plays, but giving the ball up.  Bizarre. D-League.