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Suns-Knicks In-Game Thoughts

Robin Lopez is going to be that fan favorite that everyone loves.  He yelps, he dunks, he's got a good idea of where he is on the floor, and is miles above the rest in terms of work ethic and athleticism. He's been all over the floor, especially in the fourth quarter, nailing a huge block and dropping a lot of dunks.  I heard his reputation was that he's a lot better than advertised.  15 and 8 in 22 minutes?  Indeed.

We have a Song Tao sighting. Repeat! Songtao Zhang is in the building.

DJ Strawberry plays good defense, but he tries to do too much on offense.

Alando Tucker drives and scores to pull within 2 with a bout a minute left, catches the ball, and throws it at the ref, screaming "AND ONE!"  He is the first person to every yell that. Ever.

The thing with Tucker in the D-League and Summer League is that he gets to play the 3, and in the NBA he's a two.  I talked to Mike D'Antoni, and he mentioned how Tucker needs to work on his perimeter shot.

"In college, he played inside, and he just can't do that in the NBA.  He needs to work on his perimeter shot."

The Knicks squad is actually pretty good.  Wilson Chandler hustles and is killing it today (29 and 12), Von Wafer has a nice stroke, and well, they have Songtao.

Marcus Vinicius played well for the Suns. He was scrappy and played tough down the stretch.

Also, Anthony Roberson has some flat out ridiculous speed.