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Brandt Anderson, Owner Of The Utah Flash, Wants To Party In Iran. In An Exhibition Basketball Way.

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If you don't know Brandt Anderson, you probably should ask somebody.  He's young, charming, an energetic and involved owner, and he manages to let the Jazz be heavily involved in the basketball side of things while still building his own brand in Orem. 

Progressive is not really a word I tend to think of when I think of Utah, but man, Anderson's definitely out there.  Why do I say that? After the D-League Rocky Mountain Revue "Ambassadors" (name=lame) clubbed Iran's national team the other day like a baby seal (and trust me, this D-League team is not the best of the best. Those guys were in Vegas), Brandt had dinner with the Iranian team. He came away so profoundly affected by the experience that he wants to take the Flash to Iran next year for an exhibition game

I would LOVE to hear what the NBA and State Department say about this.

Mormons and Islamists, living together.  Or at least missing dunks together.