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Is J.J. Hickson Going To Spend Time in Erie Next Season?

I thought Cavs rookie J.J. Hickson was headed to the D-League.  Then I saw how well he performed at Summer League and the burn the coaches gave him, and talked to some people in the camp.  They said Hickson made significant strides. 

Which is why this tiny blurb from Erie is interesting.


"Cleveland Cavaliers first-round draft pick J.J. Hickson had a solid performance at the NBA Summer League that just wrapped up in Las Vegas. Erie fans can expect to catch Hickson, 19, this season as a member of the Bayhawks, the new NBA D-League team."

Huh.  It'll be interesting to see whether this is actually the plan, or just an expectation from a new D-League market. (HINT: Most first rounders don't get sent down because coaches and GMs would rather they rot on the bench getting little practice time and being constantly hazed by veterans.)