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Reno Name To Be Unveiled Tonight, Is It The Bighorns? Really? Really, Guys?

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The D-League is set to unveil the name of the other new franchise tonight, the Reno team which will be the 2008-2009 affiliate for the Kings and Knicks not to use.  The name's been a big secret, and today I've worked every angle I know to figure it out. No go. But, here's what I did find out.

The team had a naming contest, and the four options were Bighorns, Enforcers, Rangers and Riders.

All the D-League team websites are hosted on So, for example, But they also get the full team names domains. For example,

So I tried the suggestions.


It's far from a confirmation, but if this is it? It's a throwback to the Western Basketball Association. Yeah. The D-League. It's a tradition thing.