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Orlando Summer League Game 1 Thoughts: Pacers vs. Oklahoma City Whatchamacallits

We're going to do this bullet form. It's always easier that way.


  • Within ten minutes of the games starting, I get five emails from bloggers all with the same message. "Announcers make want stab eyes, vomit blood, make stop..."
  • Russell Westbrook is the sweetness. Good ball control, nice explosiveness on the pick and roll.  It's summer league, but he came out like a pro. Great start for the youngster.
  • Earl Calloway did the exact same thing he did in the D-League.  He filled up the stat sheet, and yet I cannot remember a single play he made.  He's an invisible scorer. He's invisible. He's a ninja.
  • Speaking of, the black on black for Oklahoma City? Oklahoma City Ninjas? Anyone? Anyone? No?
  • Shawne Williams had a nice stroke. Too bad the coaches aren't looking for scorers here. They're looking for defense and basketball IQ.
  • Of which there was not enough to fill a bucket, by the way.
  • Gulobovic gets the "Works Hard For Nothing" award for the day.
  • Stanley Burrell at the halftime buzzer! FTW!
  • That new director of NBA Digital should start by looking at the crappy production at this game. Does it really cost that much to get us a score in the corner? Really?
  • Oklahoma City Thundercats. Okay, we can go with that.
  • 95-78 Pacers.  I think.