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Orlando Summer League Game 2 Live-Thoughts: Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat

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We'll do this one running-diary style.


  • Beasley already aggressive, nice take, fake, and gets the foul on his first possession.
  • Chalmers is pissed about not getting respect. This guy wants to be the guy for Miami.
  • Uh-oh. You can't foul out in Summer League. Tyrus Thomas may kill... everyone.
  • Man, Langford can score. He was tearing up the D-League before he jumped to Europe last year.  He's gained a step. Looks healthier, too.
  • Beasley looked aggressive, but the nerves are getting to him.  Couple of times he's been blocked, turnovers, things like that. Rose is quiet.
  • Thomas shows his range. He misses the jump hook and hits the 18 footer. Typical. The man is a freaking Enigma.
  • Beasley with 7 of 14 points.  Nice jumper. If he can hit that consistently? That 3 spot will work out just fine.
  • Kasib Powell.  D-League MVP. Eat it.
  • Noah looks slow, out of shape, and like his head isn't in the game.  It's like last season all over again!
  • Tyrus Thomas keeps trying to run the floor, ballhandling. He's not doing terribly, it's just odd to see. You can tell that he's like, "Hey, Summer League! I can fuck around again! Awesome!"
  • Antonio Graves with a good headfake, nice exposion to get to the lane, off hand, falling away. Fast guards that can score can clean up in this league. Unfortunately, none of them can play defense.
  • Demetrius Nichols refuses to lose his spot on the bench!
  • Mario Chalmers pwns Derrick Rose. Bizarre, but true.
  • "It's all downhill from here, folks" say the announcers. Thanks guys. Good job getting people to come back, asshats.
  • Stephon Lasme. Such a good D-League and Summer League player. Such a mediocre regular season guy. I really believe there are NBA guys who would struggle in the summer league, just the change of styles and tempo.  Lasme is the opposite. He should be better than he was last year.  He'll be back for the Heat, though.
  • Note to NBA teams defending Rose: Perimeter double.
  • The Heat have a big lineup out there and Rose looks like he's a pinball bouncing off of them.
  • The Bulls should be killing them with sheer talent.  Hey, sounds like last season!
  • Rose finally gets something going with some shake and bake, but he has to use all his speed to get into the crease. He needs to work the pick and roll more. Because if he doesn't... um...
  • Noah refuses to pass. Or look. Or think.
  • Rose with back to back turnover-near turnover.  He seems perplexed by the defense. In Summer League. I'm not proclaiming doom by any means, I'm just saying, today he looks like an ass-first point guard.
  • Vinny Del Negro? Looks a little like Luke Wilson.
  • 2 assists, 4 turnovers for Rose.  Not pure-point-esque. I know, I know. Summer league, first game, etc. etc. I'm just pointing it out as it happens.
  • Thomas opted into playing Summer League ball, when he didn't have to. Interesting. 
  • 2nd half, Thomas seems to have remembered that he's kind of better than these guys.
  • Beasley with 16. Jeez. He's hitting threes, grabbing boards, knocking down floaters, the works. Niceness.
  • Beasley needs a nickname. NOW.
  • Thomas has ridiculous down court speed.  Just a huge guy and blows past Morrow.
  • This is turning into Tyrus Thomas versus Mike Beasley. Which is awesome.
  • Rose with a nice switchand floater.  He's best in the open court. As a scorer. Which means, he's not a pure point.
  • Beasley with 21. Sick.
  • Chalmers with a circus shot. He's killing himself to get into the rotation.
  • Rose is just slicing at them now, drawing fouls.
  • It's not just the fact that he's killing them, it's that Beasley is simply showing off such an offensive repertoire that it's sickening.  Which of course means on opening night, Beasley will go scoreless and rose will have 15 and 7.
  • Rose has stopped trying to run an offense and is just going to the rim. And it works! Ben Gordon 2.0!
  • Oh, announcer guy wants to rag on the D-League. Really? You? With your online Magic podcast? Really? Eat sh*t, announcer guy.
  • Langford is going to be a good contributor for somebody this season.
  • Kasib Powell hits the three, D-League MVP, but I'm sure he sucks, right announcers? Jackasses.
  • Beasley has a fadeaway. A polished fadeaway.
  • Langford has now hit more threes than the Heat hit all of last season.
  • Apparently, according to these two, Joakim Noah is a terrible NBA player. Surprise!
  • Beasley's a board away from a double-double. I'm blown away. 29 for him.
  • Beasley gets gunny and Cedric Simmons swats his dunk attempt.  Yikes.
  • So, Heat KILL the Bulls, Beasley = Awesome, Rose= meh, Langford= good, Lasme= good, Gray= terrible.  The end.
  • I'm pissed, I have to leave for the best game of the day. I'll be back later with observations from folks that have watched. Rose redeemed himself towards the end, but man, look out for Beasley in the summer league.