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Orlando Summer League Preview Day 2

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Here's what we learned from Day 1.


  • Announcers don't give a crap about these players, these games, or their integrity.
  • Michael Beasley is really, really, really good at scoring.
  • Mario Chalmers wants the starting gig.
  • Joakim Noah doesn't give a crap.
  • Russell Westbrook is great.
  • The rest of the OKC Whatchamacallits are not.
  • This Magic squad blows.
  • CDR is PISSED.
  • Earl Calloway may make the jump.

Here's what's up for today.


It's Getting Hectic:  Rose-Beasley was supposed to be the only game worth watching this week.  But the first game of today is a gem.  The New Jersey Nets are fielding one of the best Summer League teams out there. CDR, Lopez, Will Conroy, and JayCee Carroll who was phenomenal yesterday.  Today they go up against the Heat, who were equally impressive yesterday behind Beasley's 28 points and 9 blocks.  Carroll/Conroy versus Mario Chalmers and Antonio Graves, who were both excellent yesterday should be a great matchup.  Kasib Powell versus CDR should be interesting as well. Yesterday CDR spent a lot of time at the 3, which you'd expect in the summer league, just as Beasley spent time at the 4.  It'll be interesting to see who the Nets put on Beasley, whether it's a longer forward to defend his range or Lopez.


Ruh-Roh, Reorge: The Magic have no one that can defend Westbrook, if the rookie plays anything like he did yesterday.  It's SL, so it's not like the coach can afford to waste time on perimeter traps.  So the Little Nunchuk That Could may have another killer day versus the Magic.  The Magic don't have a lot of options on this squad, and Marcin Gortat was wretched yesterday.  The OKC Whatchamacallits are small, but the Magic got slaughtered inside last night, even with their height advantage.  Interesting to see if any of the Magic guys actually try.


Let's Try This Again:  Okay, Derrick.  You had a bad first day (5 turnovers) against Mario Chalmers. No big deal, shake off the rust. But if Earl Calloway, D-League extraordinaire gives you fits, we might be a little concerned.  Calloway's got good speed and length, but his defense is shoddy at times. Rose needs to get to the paint and attack like he started to in yesterday's game.  And Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah need to put a beatdown on the entire gymnasium. These guys struggling, even in a contest they can't take seriously, is a little sad.