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Orlando Summer League: Top Five Free Agents From Day 1 and 2

As we head into the third day of the Orlando Summer League, here are the guys who aren't on NBA rosters via contracts or drafts who are making an impact in a good way.


1. Keith Langford:  Langford was the leading scorer in the D-League last year when he bolted for Europe and the cash.  Now he's back and man, does he look good.  Offensively, he's just a step above 90% of the players in this league right now. He's patient, waiting for his shot to come to him,  looking to create, active, and focused. Today he added 19 points, although he did have 4 turnovers.  His shots are timely and he's not letting up as much on the defensive end as we're used to seeing from him.  Man, this has been a great last four months for the (k)ansas Jayhawks.

2. Earl Calloway: Calloway is doing his thing.  He's plugging along, scoring, trying to show he can defend, and making plays. He looks polished, which is good, though he's still not reaching his potential on defense, considering his size and athleticism. Still, he's running with the opportunity he's been provided, and things look good for him right now.

3. Andre Emmett: 46% from the field? Not bad at all.  Emmett is the second leading scorer for the Pacers, and has shown nice touch and a knowledge of the offense.  If he can manage to contribute anything else on the boxscore and tighten up on defense a bit, it would be a great start to this season for the journeyman.

4.Steven Graham: 14.5 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists per game will get you a solid nod in our book. He's been mocked considerably by the announce crew and still is just going out there and doing his job.

5. Kevin Kruger: Kruger's not shooting the ball often, or well, but he's distributing it like a madman, averaging 6 assists and only one 1 turnover.  He needs to do more on the offensive end, but his defense has been consistent, and coaches are responding well to his effort.