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NBA D-League Schedule Highlights

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While not as compelling considering that we have no friggin' clue who's going to be on roster, I thought I'd take a look at the D-League schedule and see some of the... erm... highlights.

I'm hearing that NBATV may pull the D-League games completely, which is fine, except for me screaming and throwing things and lighting buildings on fire. Other than that, no big deal.  Come on, Turner.  Don't show us the same boring promos and Ahmad Rashad fests over and over again. Give D-League a Chance!

Fri. Nov 28th:

Utah Flash at  Austin Toros: Two of the best franchises in the league go at it on opening night.  Toros might have Ian Mahnimi back, the Flash might have Morris Almond back.  Scoring galore.

Iowa Energy  at Sioux Falls Skyforce: Also on opening night, the Energy, who should have quite a bit more talent with their new affiliate Phoenix, take on the Skyforce, who always field a competitive team.  If DJ Strawberry is here and Skyforce coach Nate Tibbets manages to talk one of his speedy guards from last season back, it could be special.

Dec 5th:

Idaho at Austin: Finals rematch, this time at the ACC.  Should be a good test for both squads early.

Dec 7th:

Sioux Falls at Dakota:  The rivalry is reborn. This is the best rivalry in the league. Should be a good one, with a good crowd.

Dec. 11th:

Iowa at Erie: The Bayhawks finally get a homegame!  The expansion team opens with a five game road trip.  Welcome to being the furthest most east team in the league, Bayhawks!

Dec 25th:

Reno at Iowa, Dakota at Sioux Falls:  Apparently the schedule planners were sitting around going "How can we make sure that the players in Dakota, Iowa, Reno, and Sioux Falls hate us. I know! We'll have a Christmas Day game!  What, are you kidding me? FAIL.  You're going to seriously piss off the players with this, guys.

February 16th:

Ft. Wayne at Iowa, Austin at Anaheim:  Right after the All-Star game.  Expect a lot of hungover dudes.  At least they didn't schedule them for the Sunday after this time.

April 10th:

Colorado at Utah: This could be a playoff matchup, given the strength of the two systems.

I'll have more on this stuff once, you know, we know who's actually playing.