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Today's Depressing Overseas Signings

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You know, maybe with the Euroleague being broadcast on the web next season, these things won't bug me as much.  I'm not xenophobic or anything.  It just bothers me that guys with considerable talent and a passion for the game don't get a chance to live their dream while Kwame Brown gets $8 million over two years.  Stephon Marbury is making about 25 times what it would cost to get these guys to sign.  And that just irritates me.  I'm glad somebody out there values talent.

First off, Carlos Arroyo is of course, headed to Maccabi Tel Aviv. That article came across a little colder than I meant for it to.  I like Arroyo, and don't think in any way, shape, or form that the Magic should have dropped him.  I think capable point guards are hard to find, and that the Heat are being way too damn picky. 

Much more depressing, though, is that Pacers standout and D-League veteran Earl Calloway signed with Croatian Euroleague team Cibona Zagreb (Hat tip: Indy Cornrows). Calloway is a great point guard with good handle, offensive versatility, and defensive commitment.  That he hasn't gotten even an exploratory offer is really depressing, considering Jameer Nelson is a starting point guard in this league.