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Ways To Not Approach The President Of The Biggest Minor League Basketball Organization In The World, Part 1.

Hey, technology is awesome.  There's so many new ways to participate in online discussion groups, and the realm of communication between people gets wider every day. 

Of course, there are some ways in which the internet should not be used as a replacement for certain things.

Like, oh, say, letting D-League pres Dan Reed know you're interested in bringing a D-League team to Las Vegas (which is a whole can of worms unto itself) by leaving a comment on his blog. 

Go ahead, scroll to the bottom of Mr. Reed's latest post (which is interesting, but nothing groundbreaking, since he covered most of it in my last interview with him).

There you'll find:


Mr. Reed,

My name is Alexis Levi: I am the owner of the LV Stars an IBL Team. I am the first woman in history to own a team and be a GM and CEO of a Mens Team. Though I am two years away form taking the next step, I want to start planning now. I would like to bring a D-League Team to Las Vegas. I know that you just started one in Reno. I have several investors that would like to see this happen since there is no NBA Team here at this time. Please feel free to google my name Alexis Levi and you can find out additional information about me. Please feel free to email me at (actual email given, withheld here).


Yeah, she's real. And while I think it's cool that she's the first African-American female owner of a men's club, she might want to think about trying another form of communication next time.  Like an email. Or a phone call. Carrier pigeon.  Smoke signal. Something.

Still, it'll be interesting to see how this turns out.  Stern wants an NBA club there, but if he can't get one, maybe a D-League club could serve as a warmup. We'll see.