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Meet The ABA, Meet The Spartans

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ALLOh, yes, I've found a new desparate obsession. The new ABA.  It's wonderful.  Half the teams don't have websites. The league itself is still building theirs. This is amazing. I'm their biggest fan. Let's cover some ground, shall we?

Oh, before we get started, some quick facts.

  • The ABA is a real league. Kind of.  It may not be respected, but it's real.
  • It's last three champions have jumped to the PBL, who we'll get to later.
  • It's growing, though! 
  • There's something called the 3-D Rule, where if certain situations are in effect, an extra point is added to a field goal. No, seriously.
  • Plus, any shot from beyond halfcourt is worth four points.
  • This thing is one stuffed tiger and a wicket away from Calvinball.
  • They do use the red, white, and blue ball, thank God.

Okay, the big news for me is that the city I was born in, the city where I pray daily for an NBA team to expand to, Kansas City, has a new ABA team.




The Kansas City Spartans!


Their website not only features an awesome, awesome soul song on its intro for no apparent reason, and is done ENTIRELY in flash, but here's some other goodies.I can't link to them because it's in Flash, but go look around and you'll find it.

  • First off, they're having a theme song contest. Yes. I'll be making a submission. How about you? Brian Scalabrine, where are you?
  • The team will be signing autographs at the Independence Heritage Festival on September 27th at 9AM. Grab your gear!
  • The mascot is... yeah.
  • Tryouts are September 14th at Central High School in KC. It's $150 at the door. If you're going to try out, email me, you can blog the entire experience.