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The Nets Are Diggin The D-League For Camp

Thank God somebody gets it.

Instead of toiling with guys that have no chance of making the roster, I'm looking at you, Golden State, the New Jersey Nets are bringing in guys that could actually compete for roster spots.

NetsDaily is reporting that Julius Hodge, Brian Hamilton and Desmon Farmer are all being invited to camp.

Hodge got severely limited burn in Summer League play, and needs time to show what he can do. He worked with Gilbert Arenas' shooting coach this summer and the coaches I spoke with said that was his biggest obstacle.

Desmon Farmer is the real deal.  Good size, speed, an instinct for scoring, and he was in tremendous shape at Summer League. If he can cut down on his turnovers and push himself to stay focused on defense, this guy could contend for a roster spot.  Great pickups for camp, we'll see if they stick.