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Ridiculous Upside 2001 Re-Draft: #2 LA Clippers

his is the season of our inactivity.  We are doomed by September to a life of boredom and pre-training camps. So we rounded up the rest of the SBNation homeys and some others, and we're ReDrafting the 2001 NBA Draft. Up next? The Los Angeles Clippers.



With the second pick of the 2001 SBNation Re-Draft, the LA Clippers, represented by Clips Nation, select Pau Gasol, F/C, Spain.




Clips Nation says: With the second pick in the 2001 draft, the Los Angeles Clippers pick Pau Gasol from Spain.  Gasol is big, he's young (20 at the time of the draft) and he's skilled.  Paired with Lamar Odom in the front court, the Clippers will have a combination that could take them to the NBA Finals (if they also had Kobe Bryant, that is). 

Elgin Baylor considered trading this pick when he heard a rumor that Jerry Reinsdorf had his eye on Tyson Chandler and was willing to part with Elton Brand, but then he realized that it must have been a joke and went ahead and took Gasol.


Original pick: Tyson Chandler (traded to Bulls for Elton Brand)