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Ridiculous Upside 2001 ReDraft: #3, Memphis Grizzlies

This is the season of our inactivity.  We are doomed by September to a life of boredom and pre-training camps. So we rounded up the rest of the SBNation homeys and some others, and we're ReDrafting the 2001 NBA Draft. Up next? The Memphis Grizzlies.


With the third pick in the 2001 SBNation NBA ReDraft, the Memphis Grizzlies, represented by Three Shades of Blue, select...


Joe Johnson, Guard, University of Arkansas.

Three Shades of Blue Says: Knowing what we do about the health of Michael Dickerson, the team needs a solid backcourt player.  Who better than local Little Rock, Arkansas product Joe Johnson to fit the bill with his great shooting and playmaking ability?  Capable of playing and defending 3 positions, Johnson might not be a true franchise player, but he's certainly better than anyone on the Grizzlies' roster at that time.  Adding him to the recently signed Jason Williams makes for an exciting backcourt with lots of fan appeal -- something that is very important in the Grizzlies inaugural season in Memphis.