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Training camp is around the corner and now is the best time for D-Leaguers to make the jump by impressing in camp. The season is also slowly gaining steam.

  • Interview with new Bayhawks (vomit) coach, John Treloar.
  • Bobby Jones lives! 11 Teams between NBA and D-League in three years. The man will.not.die.
  • The 14ers got a coach!
  • Jam guard Trey Johnson is headed to Suns camp.
  • It sounds like Desmon Farmer is getting closer than ever to getting back to an NBA gig, which he deserves. He was slated to join the Nets at camp unsigned, but the Spurs went ahead and got the rights to him. Don't be surprised if he slips in at spot 15. Joining him are fellow D-Leaguers Darryl Watkins and Devin Green. Farmer is also the perfect kind of aggressive combo-guard that Toros' head coach Quin Snyder loves, so don't be surprised if Snyder makes an overture to Farmer if the Spurs say they want him in the system but not on roster yet.
  • There's been a lot of turnover at D-League headquarters lately and Dan Reed blogs about it.  Ridiculous Upside would also like to congratulate Joanna Shapiro on her recent upgrade in the D-League PR department. Joanna's a class act and we're happy to see her rewarded for her efforts.
  • Interesting: Jelani McCoy is working out for the Lakers to be part of the cheer squad bench. Also interesting: The RotoTimes apparently thinks Jelani was born in 1940 (instead of 1977), making him 68 years old. They should know this isn't true, as he's not playing for the Spurs.
  • Brian Mitchell Cooper was (finally) hired as president of the Vipers. That team has a front office, with two months to spare!
  • The Pistons would rather Sharpe spend time partying in Miami Beach and in LA on road trips than hang out in Fort Wayne. Yeah, that should help with the character issues.
  • Billy Thomas went to Europe, and Lance Allred is screwed. Allred should catch on somewhere, though, given his talents.