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Who Wants To Be A D-Leaguer? Open Tryouts Coming Up

Are you abnormally large for your age?

Do you enjoy visiting strange places, often by bus?

Do you get satisfaction from demeaning the efforts of the white guy at your local gym?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the D-League might just be for you! The D-League is having open tryouts for all its teams over the next month and I thought I'd let you know when and where.

All information available here.


Rio Grande Valley Vipers: 9/19-9/20: Southeastern Louisiana University:

What to bring: Stat stuffing. You're working out for the Rockets affiliate,son. A team that used more D-Leaguers in their playoff run than any other. And General Manager Darryl Morey is a big fan of the D-League and metrics, so you need to be able to show you can contribute in multiple ways. Shooting the lights out will also help.

Dakota Wizards: 9/20-9/21: Grizzlies Practice Facility, Memphis, TN

What to bring: Grease for them wheels. The Grizzlies are the Wizards affiliate and they are going to run, and they only want guys that can run in that offense. Also, if you're a guard, go ahead and stay home. This team's only looking for bigs.  Of course, they passed up Rod Benson twice, though,so who knows what the hell they want.  As for the Wizards, they were a fast team, too, so I'd bet you need to be able to show good conditioning.

Utah Flash: 9/27: Dream Factory, Orem, Utah

What to bring: Barista skills. These guys work closely with the Jazz and may have the best scouting unit in the D-League on top of tremendous financial support. If you want to stick, you may have to show your ability to fetch a grande latte.

Colorado 14ers: 9/27-9/28 Broomfield Event Center

What to bring: Your A-Game. This franchise is going to make you work. One of the most loaded with NBA-ready talent over the last two years, even with new coach and former Lakers coach Bob MacKinnon at the helm taking over for Joe Wolf, this team should push for the most talent. They have a great talent system up there, even if the locals aren't all that aware.  Prepare yourself.

Fort Wayne Mad Ants: 9/27-9/28: Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN

What to bring: Nightmare fuel. Of course.

Anaheim Arsenal: 9/27-9/28: American Sports Center, Anaheim, CA

What to bring: Mental toughness. Sam Vincent has been around the world and he has seen your love. Notoriously tough in practice, Sam the Man will run you dry, and with so many good basketball schools in the area, this should be one of the better tryouts. Check yo' self 'fore you wreck yo' self.

Sioux Falls Skyforce: 10/4-10/5: Augustana College, Sioux Falls

What to bring: Fun and Guns. Figuratively.  How ironic that one of the smallest and most remote teams in the league has such a forward thinking program.  This squad has a great minor league basketball history, and under coach Nate Tibbetts, they like to get up and down the floor. You need to get moving if you want to make an impression. Being able to employ the trap is probably also a good idea.

Austin Toros: 10/4- Austin, TX

What to bring: Coachability.  Head coach Quin Snyder is always talking to his guys, always coaching, always trying to help you improve. If you show a bad attitude, he's got no time for you. This is an organization intricately tied to the Spurs, so they're not going to let you clown around too much unless you've just got an absurd amount of talent, which is unlikely if you're a local. Show up willing to hustle and listen.

Iowa Stampede: 10/5/-10/6 (Toronto), more dates later in Idaho.

What to bring: Your visa. Toronto coaches will probably be looking for guys they can put in the Canadian D-League squad that's closer than farther from happening, but you'll still be playing in Idaho.