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Insert Semi-Pro Joke Here: ABA Owner Intends To Play On Own Team

There are a lot of days when I read stuff about minor league basketball and I just can't believe it's real because of how bizarre and awesome. Today's one of those days.




This is T.J. Walker (real name).  He's a former Modesto High star as well as a championship player in England. He recently took over as owner of the ABA's Modesto Bearcats club. He's currently acting as head coach.

And now? Now he's the point guard, too.

That's right.



Point guard.

If the man takes over as Mascot, he'll officially become one with the concept of basketball and transcend space and time like Dick Clark.

From the press release:

"'As I was talking to the different businesses in the community generating a buzz about the team, the question kept coming up whether I was going to play or not,' Walker added. 'I was enjoying not having to ice every day and all that stuff that  comes with getting in shape for a season, but after considering what my presence on the court would do as far as helping put people in the seats, and the team on the right track for success now and in the future, it was a no brainer.'


So the search for an All-Star caliber point-guard is over.  'I guess when you have one at your disposal that is willing to play for free, you have to jump on hi (sic),' Walker quipped with a grin.  With this latest addition to the roster, Walker is confident the Bearcats are going to be more than capable of handling all challengers in the league.  he is equally confident he will be handle to handle his numerous challenges, saying simply, 'We are doing the right thing here.'"

So there you have it. The Modesto Bearcats are 60% comprised of one man. When Walker leads the team in scoring, I'm going to demand a bear be brought in for halftime.