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D-League D-Notes: 9.22.08

You want obscure? Is that what you want? Obscure D-League events? How about an expansion draft? Obscure enough?

On Wednesday, September 24th, the D-League will hold an expansion draft for the two expansion franchises, the Erie Bayhawks and the Reno Bighorns. This is a preliminary draft before the full annual D-League draft in November. At the end of last season, each team selected ten players that were on roster and "protected" them. These players cannot be drafted. Anyone else on roster is eligible.

Bear in mind that most of these players, even the ones that are protected, are either in Europe, the NBA, or have given up on basketball.  These are the players the D-League teams weren't wiling to gamble on. Some of them don't plan on playing basketball, some of them retired (Randy Livingston) and some weren't good enough for the D-League.

Here's the list of players.


Complete List of Players Eligible for Expansion Draft


First           Last                 Ht.      Wt.         Pos.      College

Mustafa     Al-Sayyad       6-10      240       F           Fresno State

Luke          Anderson        6-6        207       G          Minn. St. Mankato

Jahsha        Bluntt              6-6        220       G          Delaware State

Kevin         Bookout          6-8        260       F           Oklahoma

Cecil          Brown             6-4        190       G          Cal. St. Santa Barbara

Damone     Brown             6-9        212       F           Syracuse

Paul            Butorac           6-10      225       F           Eastern Washington

Brian          Chase              5-10      170       G          Virginia Tech

Eric            Chenowith      7-1        270       C          Kansas

Kyle           Davis               6-10      245       F           Auburn

Anthony    Fuqua              6-11      225       F           Texas-San Antonio

Mike          Gansey            6-4        205       G          West Virginia

Tony          Gipson            6-1        190       G          LSU

Brian          Greene            6-9        225       F           Colorado State

Rob            Griffin             6-6        215       F           Iowa

Jeff            Hagen             7-0        270       C          Minnesota

Jovan         Harris              6-3        175       G          San Francisco

Perrin         Johnson           6-5        200       F           Louisville

Dahntay     Jones               6-6        210       F           Duke

Dwight      Jones               6-2        180       G          Houston Baptist

Kris            Lang                6-11      247       C          North Carolina

Randy        Livingston       6-4        209       G          LSU

Jackie         Manuel            6-5        190       G          North Carolina

J.C.            Mathis             6-9        225       F           Michigan

Bryson       McKenzie       6-10      240       F           Northern Illinois

Sammy       Monroe           6-6        205       F           Newberry

Brian          Morrison         6-2        192       G          UCLA

Alfred        Neale               6-6        200       F           New Mexico

Elton          Nesbitt            5-9        165       G          Georgia Southern

Yemi          Nicholson        6-11      260       C          Denver

Nedu          Onyeuku         6-3        185       G          Illinois State

Andre        Patterson         6-7        215       F           Tennessee

Kenton       Paulino            6-1        185       G          Texas

James         Peters              6-8        225       F           UNLV

Dwuan       Rice                 5-11      165       G          Cal. St. Bakersfield

Sergio        Sanchez           5-11      155       G          Texas-Pan American

Jamar         Smith              6-9        230       F           Maryland

James         Smith              7-0        250       C          Marist


NBA D-League Expansion Draft

Complete List of Players Eligible for Expansion Draft, cont.

First           Last                 Ht.        Wt.       Pos.      College

Jesse           Smith              6-11      260       C          Idaho State

Steven        Smith              6-9        250       F           LaSalle

Derrick       Stevens           5-11      180       G          Colorado State

Kevin         Sweetwyne     6-4        215       G          Idaho State

Yuta           Tabuse             5-9        165       G          BYU-Hawaii

Chris          Taft                 6-10      260       F           Pittsburgh

Jamaal        Thomas           6-8        220       F           Angelo State

Kibwe        Trim                6-10      240       F           Sacred Heart

Larry          Turner             6-11      240       C          Tennessee State

Fabricio      Vay                 6-9        220       F           Argentina

Marquis      Webb              6-5        205       G          Rutgers

Robert        Whaley            6-10      265       C          Walsh (OH)

Davin         White              6-1        185       G          Cal. St. Northridge

Lou            White              6-4        200       G          Vorhees

Quannas     White              6-2        190       G          Oklahoma

Kelly          Whitney          6-8        240       F           Seton Hall

George       Williams          6-8        220       F           Houston

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I'm not even going to try and guess. I know Jamar Smith has some talent, same with Elton Nesbitt. But your guess is as good as mine as to what Reno and Erie think. We'll see on Wednesday.