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D-League Notes 9.24.08: D-Leaguers Invade Training Camp

This is a pretty exciting time of year for us here. Not only is the NBA season kicking up, freshmen headed to campus for us to start slotting based on completely arbitrary data, and our fantasy football teams are reminding us why we hate football in the first place, but with NBA training camps starting, D-Leaguers are getting a chance to legitimize the league and fulfill their NBA dreams.


  • Nick Fazekas, AKA Nick "NO SERIOUSLY THE FACT THAT HE'S NOT IN THE NBA IS REALLY FREAKUS" Fazekas is signed on with the Nuggets. Basically, Nuggets training camp is a nexus for big men on the cusp with their lack of big men now that Camby's in LA. The only problem is that Fazekas has a strength issue and is more offensively geared. He needs to make a big impact. I would have recommended a few other camps like he mentions he was invited, but hey, the more I merrier I guess.
  • Chris Alexander is trying out for the Thunder. This is a match made in heaven. They need defense, shot-blocking, and rebounding. Alexander fills all those roles and has some experience. He's got an NBA-ready body. The Thunder would do well to let him rumble in OKC. Sorry. Couldn't help myself.
  • Apparently somebody's stint with Arenas' shooting coach paid off. And Skeets is kind of happy about it
  • Hey, look, the Vipers have a complete front-office! Just in time for the season!.