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D-League Expansion Draft Results

Hey, it's not every day that a guy gets to be a No. 1 pick.

Damone Brown, a former All-Big-East forward at Syracuse and veteran member of the Sioux Falls Skyforce was selected 1st today by the Reno Bighorns in the 2008 NBA D-League Expansion Draft.  Along with Brown, the Bighorns selected speedster Tony Gipson and center Jesse Smith, as well as Jamaal Thomas,CBA vet Kyle Davis, and Larry Turner among others.

Erie took Mike Gansey who's currently in Germany, along with Jackie Manuel and Kris Lang, Nuggets forward Dahntay Jones (who tips well at Cheeseacake Factory), and expansion draft steal Brian Chase.

All in all I think Erie got the best load of talent, and Reno's selection of Randy Livingston was just strange. Erie loaded up on veteran guard talent, which will do them well, since there's always a glut of undrafted guards in the full draft, but all of them want to shoot and are turnover prone. Comparatively, Reno went for size which is harder to draft later, but the talent here is mostly in Europe.

Okay, that's over with. Can we get to the real draft now?