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Two Are Affiliates, Three Is A Crowd: Bucks Assigned Mad Ants

You might remember how I mentioned that it would be a bad thing for the D-League  to assign the displaced Bucks an affiliate that already had two teams? Yeah, they didn't see any nifty ways out. So they gave them the nearest affiliate. The Mad Ants.

Great. I know there was really no other option, but still. Man, Clay Bennett just screws everything up.

So here's essentially what you have. You have Detroit, who's likely to be taken on some veteran players if it shakes up its roster this year, which means less playing time for the youngsters. And you have Milwaukee, who's starting a point guard that spent time in the Tulsa last year, so clearly they know how to use it, too. You have three teams in the same division splitting an affiliate. Three. Even with Indiana unable to spell "D-League" this is not a good plan. Coach Jackson is going to be in a very tenuous position.

For the Mad Ants, it's great though. They could end up with multiple draft picks in their starting rotation. For a city that does a great job supporting its team, it's good that they got the extra boost. But here's a question. If the Bucks assign Mbah A Moute, are they going to split time with him and Samb, if Chiehk doesn't stay up in Detroit? Yikes.

Right now Dan Reed hates the city of Halifax. HATES.