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Stephane Lasme Released, Becomes Top D-League Prospect

And.... back to the minors with you!

You knew it was only a matter of time before Miami purged its D-League roster.  Frankly I'm surprsied Lasme held on as long as he did. There's a lot of expectation that the Heat will release Powell too, but I feel differently. Riley (and let's face it, Riley's calling the shots, coach or no coach) is a notorious fan of hardworking blue-collar guys, and Powell fits that description. He doesn't complain, he plays hard, he's marginally efficient, and he got better as the season went on. Let me put it another way. If there's room for Joel Anthony, there's room for Kasib Powell.

Lasme will most likely head overseas, because he's probably got a taste of what the NBA money is like. Lasme had a good run, though, and it's possible he could end up on another squad short on bigs.