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D-League Daily Bullets

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Slow day for the D-League in terms of news, but we've got five games tonight (again) to make up for it.

First, I still don't have any information on the Sean Williams story.  I may be the only one interested in if he went to the locker room or stayed out on the bench during halftime, but I can't find any information on it.  I put in a call to the 14ers, so maybe they'll give me a bit of insight.  Basically, I'm just looking to see if he had that bad of an attitude about going to the D-League, because I know there are some players that wouldn't mind a chance to shake off the rust and get some playing time for a change.

Speaking of guys that don't mind coming to the D-League, the Sacramento Bee had a pretty good interview with Donte Greene about coming to the D-League, which was made official today.

"I'm happy," Greene said of being sent to the NBA Development League. "I get a chance to go and play and shake the rust off. I haven't played in a couple games."

That's the attitude players should have when being sent down.  It's not all bad, getting playing time, being the star again, and still getting paid your normal salary.

"I think the D-League can help me out," Greene, 20, said. "Those guys aren't slouches, either. A lot of them were in the league or in and out. I'm just trying to go there and work on some things."

Unless Sacramento has a pretty good PR guy feeding this stuff to Greene, or Greene has really bought into the D-League.

"...that's what the D-League is all about. He may possibly be back by Tuesday. That depends on how he is playing."

The Bee also reports that Kings assistant Shareef Abdur-Rahim will go to Reno with him to help him develop.

Also, George Karl talked to the Rocky Mountain News  about his son Coby's chances at getting a call-up, and as a father should be, he was pretty certain that it'd come soon enough.  However, Denver wouldn't be looking at him, at least right now, while they're adjusting to the additions of Sonny Weems and Johan Petro (Seems like a cop out to me, but I digress).  Since Coby Karl nearly averaging a triple double over his past three games, I would hope a call-up is in his future as well.