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Battle of The Minor League Coaches (Reliving the Glory Days)

Alright, I've done this once before, but I had some complaints about it (Scotty, we're looking at you on this one), so I decided to try it again, but this time, with all of the USA minor league coaches.  Granted, this only adds six more, but it gives me a reason to look at all of the minor league coaches on a lazy Sunday morning.


Team A

PG -- Jay Humphries

SG -- Scott Roth

SF -- Jerry Reynolds

PF -- Chucky Brown

C -- Paul Mokeski

6th man -- Sam Vincent

7th man -- Jaren Jackson

8th man -- Donnie Boyce

9th man -- Ben McDonald

Team B

PG -- Robert Pack

SG -- Micheal Ray Richardson

SF -- Mike Sanders

PF -- Orlando Woolridge

C -- Dean Garrett

6th man -- Randy Livingston

7th man -- Darvin Ham

8th man -- Greg Minor

9th man -- Bill Jones 

I'd give the advantage to Team B, but not completely sure why.  Team B does have three non-D-League guys on it's starting roster.  I'll also give Team B Derrick Rowland, head coach of the CBA's Albany Patroons, who played nine minutes with Milwaukee in 1985.


Continue reading to see how I broke this down...


Point Guards -- Reno Bighorns head coach Jay Humphries is the no-brainer, as he averaged 11 points and 5.5 assists over 11 NBA seasons.  Robert Pack, current RGV assistant, who went undrafted, put together a good NBA career, and gets the nod as my 2nd starter.  Pack averaged nine points and 4.6 assists over 13 NBA seasons.  The backups will include Randy Livingston, current assistant coach of the Idaho Stampede, who played in 11 different NBA seasons, but is more known for his minor league prowess, and  Sam Vincent, current coach of the Anaheim Arsenal.  Vincent averaged just eight points and four assists over seven NBA seasons, but obviously he has the coach on the floor mentality.

Shooting Guard -- Michael Ray Richardson, head coach of the Lawton-Fort Sill Cavalry, defending champs of the CBA, gets the nod as one of the starters.  Richardson averaged 15 points, seven assists, and 5.5 boards over an eight year NBA career.  The other starter was a toss-up, but in making up for my previous gaffe's, I decided to go with Scott Edward Roth.  He played just three NBA seasons, but his per 36 minutes averages were outstanding, with 15 points, four boards, and four assists.  Plus, at 6'8", he will be a big matchup problem.  My only request is he grows his mullet out a little further to bring back the look.  Backups will be Greg Minor, current assistant for the Tulsa 66ers, who played five NBA seasons, and Donnie Boyce, the 42nd overall pick in the 1995 NBA draft.  Boyce played in 30 NBA games and is currently coaching the Chicago Throwbacks of the ABA.

Small Forward -- Starting at the 3-spot, I'm going to have to go with the ABA's New Jersey Express head coach Jerry "Ice" Reynolds, who put together an eight year NBA career, averaging nine points and three boards.  The other starter is going to be Mike Sanders, head coach of the CBA's Minot SkyRockets.  Sanders averaged eight points and three boards over an eleven-year NBA career.  Backup's will be Fort Wayne Mad Ants head coach Jaren Jackson, who went undrafted, but still managed to put together a 12-year NBA career, and Bill Jones, current coach of the PBL's Detroit Panthers, who got into 37 games during the '88-89 season with the Nets.

Power Forward -- Orlando Woolridge gets one of the starting spots, even though he wasn't really a power forward his whole career, as he averaged 16 points over 12 NBA seasons.  Woolridge is currently the head coach of the ABA's Arizona Rhinos.  Chucky "Wild Thing" Brown, assistant with the LA D-Fenders, gets the other starting nod.  Brown played in 13 NBA seasons, and even though he averaged just six points per game, his longevity in the NBA alone means he was doing the right things.  Backup's include Albuquerque Thunderbirds assistant Darvin Ham Slamwich, who went undrafted but played eight seasons in the NBA, and Ben McDonald, Erie's assistant, who played four seasons in the NBA.

Center -- Paul Mokeski and Dean Garrett were my only two options.  Neither had great NBA careers.  Mokeski is an assistant with the Arsenal who averaged four points and 3.4 boards over his 12 year NBA career.  Dean Garrett was 30 years old before he broke into the NBA, but averaged five points, five boards over the next five years of his career.




Arizona Rhinos -- Orlando Woolridge (Sixth overall, 1981 Draft) PF

Jersey Express -- Jerry "Ice" Reynolds (22nd overall, 1985 Draft) SF


Chicago Throwbacks -- Donnie Boyce (42nd overall, 1995 Draft) SG

Detroit Panthers -- Bill Jones (Undrafted, played with New Jersey in 89-90) SF


Lawton-Fort Sill Cavalry -- Micheal Ray Richardson (4th overall, 1978 Draft) 2/3

Minot SkyRockets -- Mike Sanders (74th overall, 1982 Draft) SF


Albuquerque Thunderbirds -- Darvin Ham (Undrafted, 8 seasons in the NBA) PF

Dean Garrett (38th overall, 1988 Draft)  Center

Anaheim Arsenal -- Sam Vincent (20th overall, 1985 Draft) Point Guard

Paul Mokeski (42nd overall, 1979 Draft) Center

Bakersfield Jam -- Scott Roth (82nd overall, 1985 Draft) 2/3

Erie Bayhawks -- Ben McDonald (50th overall, 1984 Draft) 3/4

Fort Wayne Mad Ants -- Jaren Jackson (Undrafted, 12 NBA seasons) 2/3

Idaho Stampede -- Randy Livingston (42nd overall, 1996 Draft) PG

Los Angeles D-Fenders -- Chucky Brown (43rd overall, 1989 Draft) 4/3

Reno Bighorn -- Jay Humphries (13th overall, 1984 Draft) 1/2

Rio Grande Valley Vipers -- Robert Pack (Undrafted, 13 NBA seasons) 1

Tulsa 66ers -- Greg Minor (25th overall, 1994 Draft) 2/3