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Idaho @ Bakersfield

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It's a Sunday night, and what would I rather do than listen to Vance Palm call a D-League game that Deane Martin is coaching in?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Alright, game's over, click continue to read my 2nd half blog report, specifically anything regarding the 3rd quarter break where Scott Roth picked up two technicals after the blatantest blatant no-call I've seen in awhile from Marat Kogut's staff.

In other news, the backcourt of Jeff Trepagnier and Trey Johnson combined for 49 points and just two turnovers -- Very nice!  Idaho's leading scorer was Lanny Smith.  Yes, Lanny.  I hope his name is Lance, but since they already had an established Lance on the team in Allred, he switched it over to Lanny.  

Interesting to only myself and one other person who reads this sidenote:  Back in my sophomore year, one of my buddies decided that another friend of ours needed a nickname, as Jordan wasn't cool enough.  He suggested Jordy, or Rosey, based on his last name of Rosen____, before I eventually decided that since Jalen Rose was washed up, our buddy Jordan could now bestow the name of JRose.  J, I wish that Rosey would have been picked.  You'd still be lame as ever if it wasn't for me.

Also, Deane Martin picked up the victory!  Boom Tho.

  • Picking this game up in the second half, 55-49 in favor of Idaho
  • that loose ball "went thru six hands and four ankles" according to Vance
  • Nick Lewis! Lance Allred! Futurecast at it's best!
  • Luke Jackson pulled up from about 30 feet, and missed
  • How are the Jam being outrebounded (24-19), out shot (52%-44%), and only four more turnovers, yet still have this thing tied up at 55-55?  Any guesses?  Bueller?
  • Vance said "Derrick Byars has Ridiculous Upside" -- Love that man
  • Unfortunately, Byars is 1-for-10 tonight
  • Is Lanny really a name?
  • Petway just had a MONSTER block on Nick Lewis
  • Futurecast is pretty choppy tonight... Wonder why they don't offer radio links?
  • Petway got a way of a crab dribble on his way to a monster dunk
  • I hate these commercials!  Four in a row, same music, same commercials all season/some of last.  Ridiculous.
  • UGH! Bakersfield dancers.  Ugh.
  • The camera guy doesn't follow the ball well...
  • Nick Lewis with the hustle play!  WOW! 
  • Nick Lewis, starting fights.  He's on the ground kicking people.  Not impressed with this, but rarely am I impressed with Nick.
  • Wait! There's two cute Jam Dancers... Maybe just one
  • Is Mildon a name?
  • Idaho back up with a 10-point lead.. when did this happen?
  • Boy do I love watching white guys run the break... Coby Karl to Luke Jackson on the 2-on-1!
  • Terrance Thomas does work under the basket.  Has 16 points and nine boards
  • Sean Rooks is explaining that a misdirection play is when a misdirection happens, away from the ball.  Thanks Sean!
  • "That baseline looked like a freeway" -- WIDE OPEN.  VP's got some doozies!
  • Good ball movement by the Jam... Byars-Harris-Brown
  • Sounds like Vance sees Petway travel everytime he gets the ball
  • Vance with the Doggoneit!
  • Bounces are going Idaho's way!
  • Trey Johnson cleary was hacked to end the quarter, but no call? Unbelievable! Why am I not surprised Marat Kogut is involved in this game?  Where's Kevin Cutler when you need him!?  Bring some order to this game!  Why is that not getting called?  Then when it doesnt get called, and you clearly no it wasn't called, why don't you do something to fix this?
  • Also, Scott Roth was kicked out after this.  Deane Martin tried holding him back, but, expectedly, Roth was livid!  He picked up two technicals for telling the officials what they obviously should have called, but didn't.  VERY DISAPPOINTED!
  • Very disappointed
  • I'm taking some time off from blogging this game for a bit, mostly due to poor internet connection at the hotel, and partially to discuss my disgust with the officials I've seen lately.  
  • Mr. President Reed, I know technically we're not BFF's, but Matt did once write that you are BFF's with Ridiculous Upside, which I am now very much a part of.  With that, could you please watch this game and let me know how Kogut can get away with what he does?  Usually I'm the first one to come out against an openl  y-biased radio crew, but tonight, it's not biased, it's merited.
  • Idaho on top, but the lead is down to one, 92-91, with just under five minutes left to play
  • For some reason, Lance Allred's only played 10 minutes tonight.
  • Deane, where's the 'stache?
  • Nick Lewis doing work in the low post
  • Officially disappointed by these officials.  Seems like Marat always wants the home team against him
  • I think they should make a game where I get to put the Where ____ Happens photos in order.  I'm fairly certain I'd do better than 90%
  • Nick Lewis is going to be signing Olvia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical" in the showers tonight... That song, sung by her, sums Lewis up perfectly
  • Jam up by 3 after Lewis sinks two FT"s
  • I hate buffering.
  • Perfect, got my internet back!  Right after the game ended, just in time to watch D-Wade and Dwight Howard's commercials
  • Faith & Family night tonight... I like it
  • Jamaal Brown is the post-game interview  -- I like this kid