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Carl Elliott Traded For David Bailey

This one baffles me.  David Bailey's reportedly already in Sioux Falls, but I didn't say anything because it just didn't make  sense to me.  This baffles me more than the Hassan Adams trade last week.

If Sioux Falls really wanted Bailey, why didn't they just bring him back right away when he came back into the pool three weeks ago?  It wouldn't have counted against them on the waiver rights (which they held onto long enough to pick up John Edwards) and they would have only had to release a player like Milone Clark or Chris Childress to bring back their fifth all-time assist leader and 8th (EIGHTH!!!) all-time leader in free-throw percentage.  Now, they gave up a player in Carl Elliott that's started every game for Sioux Falls, is averaging 16 points per game with four assists and 3.5 boards, plus ranks fifth in the league with 2.5 steals.

One of these teams knows something I don't.  I'm assuming that Frank Williams will defect overseas soon..