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Just got a press release that reports the December 26th game between the Utah Flash and Colorado 14ers is going to restart with 25.2 seconds left on the game clock in their next scheduled meeting.

This one is going to be complicated!

With 25.2 seconds left on the clock, the Colorado 14ers "Official Scorer" mistakenly attributed Bill Walker with a foul in the 2nd quarter when it should have been given to his Flash and Boston Celtics teammate J.R. Giddens.  Thus, when the fourth quarter came around and Walker picked up another foul, he was disqualified, wrongly.

Now, when they meet again, it will be in Utah on April 10th, three and a half months after it happened.  Not Colorado, where it originally happened.  The score will be tied 102-102, and tip for that game will be right before the scheduled game that night.

Interestingly enough, first, when looking at the play-by-play, it's a mess.

  • The score went from 100-94 with 3:12 left to 98-99 with 2:23 left. 
  • The Flash never scored more than 101 points, and Colorado went ahead 104-101 with 53 seconds left to play. 
  • Walker's offensive foul, according to play-by-play, was with 25 seconds left to play, and was his 7th personal.

Then, when I read the recap out of Colorado, it says this: "With 25.2 seconds remaining and the game tied at 103..."  Uhhh, what? 103?  So in both the recap or the play-by-play, the game wasn't tied at 102-102 with 25 seconds left in the game.  It was either 103-103 or 104-101.

I was going to reconstruct who was on the floor at the time, but judging by the play-by-play, that can't be correct!  I do know that Utah's lost Giddens and Walker back to the Celtics, and have added Kyrylo Fesenko and James Lang, among others.  Colorado lost Cheikh Samb to call-up/trade, Sonny Weems was called-up, and James Mays is out with a season-ending ACL injury.  That's five of the starters on the court no longer with the teams.

This has got to be the most out of control game I've ever looked at.  Even Utah's trainer, Nick Asay, picked up a technical in the first quarter.


Between this game and the Scott Roth ejection earlier this week, they both have one similarity.  To read about this, click continue reading.

Marat Kogut was the head official in both games.  While doing some more research on him, I found this, courtesy of the D-League Showcase blog from last season.

Kogut: "I got certified at 16-years of age. I was working small games and someone advised me to go for my certification. It had been a hobby of mine, working like 100 games a month. They were in-house, rec league games with little kids. I was doing them for free because I really loved it. So I got certified just so I could make a few dollars while still in high school. I was one of the few who actually passed the exam, I passed the floor exam and started working youth games making cash in Brooklyn. I was making $30 a game and $250 in a weekend while my friends were making $4.75 at the Gap working crazy hours."

To read more on Kogut's history as a ref, check out the middle of that blog.