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Sports Illustrated Covers and What That Means For Your Weekend

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This picture rules. has a new "Week Ahead" article; a good read that covers Courtney Sims' departure to the Suns, the odd-talent filled trades made recently, and James White's continued dominance. In other news, Anthony Tolliver has been called up again, this time to the New Orleans Hornets. In other news, seven other Iowa Energy players have been called up. The NBA hates Iowa. Also, I'm not sure if anyone reads The Prospect Watch, but it's a great blog by Matthew Brennan that has some great coverage on this beautiful league we all love so dearly, so definitely check that out if you haven't (though I'm sure all you have, right?).

Now, there have been a lot of very talented D-Leaguers moving around in the past couple of days. So much that I hardly know where to start. Well, Kasib Powell is back in Sioux Falls, which should frighten all 15 other teams. Powell was last year's D-League MVP. Nough said. Bakersfield's Mateen Cleaves has been waived due to a hamstring injury. It's odd to me how some star college (or high school) players just cannot make the transition to the NBA. Cleaves did have his run-ins with the law, but he did spend a fair amount of time in the NBA, including being drafted 14th overall to the Pistons in 2000. But all of this aside, in his defense, he is stronger than all of us. And therefore better. Sioux Falls sent Gary Forbes to Tulsa for Chris Ellis, a move I don't quite understand as Forbes has been more than great for the Skyforce this season (he came off the bench for Tulsa in last night's win).

The 66ers took on the Vipers last night and went on to a 113 - 103 win that saw Keith Clark come off the bench to score 25 points and grab 17 boards. That is nuts. Austin edged the Arsenal in a close 101 - 95 matchup. James White just won't quit, as he put up 31 points but it's simply not going to be enough against the Toros. The Thunderbirds upset the Stampede last night 105 - 98 despite 28 points from Coby Karl. WIll Conroy was a major factor for Albuquerque, as he scored a game high 29 points, dished 7 dimes, and robbed the ball 6 times. This is a NBDL MVP type player right here.

In Mad Ants news, I managed to somehow forget that Shawn Hawkins is the grandson of ABA great Connie Hawkins. I don't know how I forgot this, because it's one of those facts I remember reading about at the beginning of the season; I suppose it went away with my knowledge of "Songs played in Space Jam." Well, it's certainly hard to fill those shoes. If my grandfather was Connie Hawkins I would probably have trouble even getting out of bed in the morning. I suppose Shawn could use that fact to get some ladies, but do young women in this day and age know of Connie, let alone the ABA? This is something I should know, as I'm 19, myself. I don't know that many young women though...there's my girlfriend, and my sister. There are friend's girlfriends, of course, but I don't bother asking them basketball related questions. I mostly just give them cruel stares for stealing my friends from me. I'm a really cool guy, right? Also, my aforementioned girlfriend happened to be surprised at work last night, as she ended up serving the Mad Ants themselves. She described them as "funny and polite" and can you think of a higher honor? However, she did refer to one guy as "overly polite." She doesn't know names however I've come to understand that Sean Sonderleiter is "High School Musical Guy" and she often is baffled by the skinny legs of Anthony Kent.. This is useless information. The restaurant was Biaggis and I've never eaten there, however I hear it's very good. See, this is why you come to Ridiculous Upside. To hear about how I heard about Mad Ants players dining at Italian Restaurants.

We've got four games tonight, my favorite of which is the Skyforce - Bayhawks matchup. Powell is back and I think Sioux Falls will pick up a win tonight. Well, I'm off to go find out where the Utah Flash plan on eating tonight. You'll know when I know. I'll bet Ryan Diggs digs onion rings.