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Pumping Iron

Idaho 79   Erie 76

Ladies and gents, we've got another stinker of a game in the D-League. The Erie Bayhawks have lost 8 straight and let a 13 point lead slip away from them last night as the Stampede were allowed to pull it off despite 34% shooting and 18 turnovers. Erie didn't do much better, as they too shot 35%. Ah, those poor poor Idaho fans last night. I spent my night studying for a test I could probably pass if I hadn't slept for days (translation: easy test), and that still sounds more exciting than this game was.

Idaho's Roberto Bergerson came off the bench, shot 4 for 8 from behind the arc for 18 points and grabbed 3 steals while he was at it as one of the few bright spots for the team. The Stampede's Dwayne Jones had 14 boards and 17 points in 20 minutes of playing time, which are extremely good numbers (and Jones and Brent Petway were the only guys on the court who shot 50% or over on the night). Luke Jackson had his struggles. He played just 18 minutes, turned the ball over seven times, and shot 1 for 6. I suppose we all have our off nights. Idaho's Jason Ellis grabbed 13 boards and blocked 5 shots, but his shooting was on par with Luke's.

Erie's Ivan Harris and Oliver Lafayette both had 18 points, but Harris' 9 for 21 shooting is cringeworthy at best. Erik Daniels had 14 points, 15 rebounds, and 6 dimes, but his 33%....well you get the idea. Everyone shot bad. Just assume that everyone shot bad. No reason to go into that any further. Darian Townes had 3 blocks. I love a good block.

That was our only game last night. A night in the D-League on par with this movie. Idaho's new acquisition, and former Iowa Energy standout, Demetris Nichols didn't play with Idaho last night. We'll see what happens with him in the future. With Cartier Martin moving out of Iowa and Nichols coming into Idaho, I'm going to go back on my "Iowa is the best" claim and pass the torch to Idaho. However, if they keep playing like they have been lately that won't last all too long. But enough of the negativity. I'm sure that's annoying. Like this movie.