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D-League Showcase, Day 2

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Alright, I live-blogged the Wizards game, but worked or napped for the rest of the games (Side note --Do NOT come to Minot, North Dakota in the winter... I believe I've got enough evidence to name it as the least healthy city in the USA... I'm living out of a motel, eating fast food twice a day and everyone that I've known since I've been up here has had either the flu or a cold in the past week...) so I'll do my lovely box score bullet point recap for the rest of the games!

Idaho 99, Fort Wayne 96


  • Fort Wayne once led this game 64-39, in the opening minute of the 3rd
  • Idaho scored 23 more points than Fort Wayne in the 2nd half
  • Coby Karl had the best statistical game from the Showcase thus far, with 20 points, 13 assists, and nine rebounds... 10-day, anyone?  He, based on his stats, was probably more ready for a call-up than Jermareo Davidson.
  • Lance Allred shot 2-for-8.. Say good-bye to the HORSE contest this season!
  • Ernest Scott can play... 17 points, 5-for-8 from 3-point land.. By far, best player named Ernest in the D-League OR the NBA
  • Other players on the bench included Lanny and Mildon -- Coach Gates must just like collecting unique names on the bench
  • Chris Hunter, the big man out of Michigan a couple years back, had 20 points, eight boards, and two blocks
  • Coleman Collins had nine points and eight rebounds in just 18 minutes... Not sure what happened, probably an injury
  • Walker Russell only had 6 assists, this is about 47 less than his season average
  • "Instant Offense" David Bailey had 6 points on 3-for-4 shooting in seven minutes of action... After being acquired last week, still hasn't found his role in Coach Jaren Jackson's offense
  • Fort Wayne's reinforcements from Fort Wayne were solid, but not spectacular... Alex Acker started and scored 18, while Walter Sharpe came off the bench to score seven points and commit four fouls.
  • Dewitt Scott is actually the definition of streaky shooter -- Just 1-for-7 from 3 the last two games.  In his 3 games before this, however, he was 17-for-36 from deep... WOW.
  • Fort Wayne used 12 players, Idaho used 9
  • What happened to Ron Howard?
Tulsa 94, Erie 85
  • Erie has went cold, after starting the season 6-2
  • Remember Jackie Manuel? He had 1 point, as a starter. Ouch
  • Erik Daniels, as usual, led the Bayhawks, scoring 20 points and grabbing 8 boards
  • Cliff Clinkscales, one of my favorite names, scored zero points in 26 minutes, as a starter
  • As I've heard many times this season, if Erie's not hitting their shots, they're not winning -- shooting 31-for-90 = not hitting their shots
  • Tulsa had four guys in double figures and all have NBA experience
  • Chris Richard had one of his best games of the season -- 17 points and six rebounds... Don't believe the hype!
  • Ronald Dupree had 15 points, nine boards, five assists and two blocks... I assume he'll get a call-up again late this season
  • Derrick Dial (Remember him?) had 14 points off the bench, but little else
  • Ryan Humphrey, the big dude out of Notre Dame and former 1st round pick of the Jazz, has a twin sister named Robyn.  He also had 16 points and six rebounds
  • Tulsa had nine more turnovers, but won by nine points -- GROSS
Utah 109, Anaheim 100
  • This game went into the 4th quarter tied
  • James "Flight" White, who has a big name but shown little game stateside, had 31 points to lead the Arsenal
  • Four of the five Arsenal starters finished with five fouls
  • Marcus Campbell, one of my favorite D-League big men, a lefty, had 8 points and 11 boards -- Step it up, big fella
  • Chet Mason scored 13 points off the bench for the Arsenal.. His real name is Chester
  • Utah had James Lang play for them, though there isn't anything up on the D-League transactions page... the BIG man had 13 points off the bench
  • I haven't seen Gavin Grant play, but everytime I look at his box scores, he's shooting how he shot today -- 1-for-8... Cancel that, he scored 28 points his last game in 24 minutes
  • The Flash have three NBA players that start for them, plus Dontell Jefferson and Brian Jackson, D-League studs/vets...
  • Billy Walker and JR Giddens combined for 42 points... Celtics may need them soon!
  • Kyrylo Fesenko, who joined the team this afternoon, started and scored 12 points and seven boards... Not bad
  • Utah outrebounded Anaheim by nine... I'd think big Paul Mokeski would be instilling some better rebounding into his guys!
Alright, hope to live blog a few games tomorrow night.

P.S. Big ups to ADB out of RGV... Check out his blog, as he's started doing the whole blogging thing again, after I sort of called him out on it awhile back.