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D-League Transactions During the Showcase

Yesterday while watching Futurecast, Vance Palm of the Bakersfield Jam, who is also doing play-by-play for the Showcase, had said that Bakersfield picked up Marcus Hubbard.  Today, I noticed that Hubbard played for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, picking up 10 points and 4 boards in about 20 minutes of action.  Not sure what happened there.

Also, James Lang played for the Flash last night, but there wasn't anything on the website until this morning about him being acquired.  Then, today I notice on USbasket, that Dwayne Jones signed with the Iowa Energy, and he was also in the boxscore for the game today.  However, there wasn't anything on the D-League transactions page regarding this.  He's a big time name, so I'd assume that he would have been announced.

Chet Mason is another guy that played last night, but there wasn't anything up on the site.

Regardless, BIG names are coming into the pool this week!

UPDATE: Tried to get a word with Vance Palm, but he was busy getting ready to do the play-by-play tonight when he shot me a text back.  Maybe we'll have more info on at least that transaction later today.

UPDATE X 2: Mark Bodenrader over on the official D-League site, picked up some of the slack for hte D-League and announced some other players that were picked up this week: John Edwards was picked up by Sioux Falls, Gerry McNamara went to Reno, and Malick Badiane went to Reno.  Badiane was my favorite player I'd never heard of at Summer League.