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D-League Latest

This morning while checking TrueHoop and HoopsHype, I noticed a couple of interesting articles besmirching former, current, and future D-Leaguers:

Sean Williams, the 6'10" big man of the Nets with countless off-the-court issues now has on-court issues, even in the D-League!  An article from D'Allesandro of the Star-Ledger reports that Williams came into the D-League requesting to play small forward (why?) and showing a terrible attitude (Didn't go to the locker room with his teammates during halftime/got ejected after two quick technical's in one game)...

He's not giving anyone a real good look at his on-court prowess either, averaging just six points, 5 board, 4 blocks, and four fouls in twenty minutes of action.  If any Nets fans are out there reading this, don't worry, he's not trying to showcase his skills at the D-League Showcase.  Sean is doing all he can to remain a member of the Nets.  DEDICATION!

Anthony Tolliver didn't get any love from the Spurs, as they waived him just before his salary became guaranteed.  Tolliver played last year for the Iowa Energy, averaging 11 points and six rebounds.  Certainly nothing ground breaking, which is why I was surprised he made the opening night roster.  He wasn't even that impressive at the Vegas Summer League, averaging 12 points, five boards there.  Regardless, he stuck with the Spurs this season until now.  Hopefully he comes back into the D-League and works on his 3-point shooting (9-for-41 with the Spurs this season).  If Tolliver does come into the D-League, he should be a returning player for the Iowa Energy.  After being assigned to the Toros this season, this could make things interesting for the D-League.

If a player plays for a teams NBA team, gets assigned to a team, and then gets cut from said NBA team, wouldn't it make sense for the D-League to grant that player's rights to the D-League team he last played for?  Granted, I'm not lobbying for this to happen this season because it's helped the Wizards, but it just doesn't really make sense.  Blake Ahearn got called-up before the season by the Spurs, played in games for them before being sent to the Toros, and then eventually released, and he came back to Bismarck, where he played last season. Richard Hendrix was drafted by Golden State, assigned to Bakersfield, and eventually released.  When he signed with the D-League, the Wizards were at the top of the pool and able to claim him, even though he had only played for Bakersfield this season and never was cut.

Something to think about, I guess.  Not that it's unfair, but just seems like it would make sense to look at these on a case-by-case basis.  Ahearn definitely had ties to Bismarck, so that makes sense.  Tolliver left Iowa to go overseas last season, but they'll still have his rights this season rather than the Toros, who are owned by the Spurs, and who he's played six games with this season.  Hendrix, who had only played with the Bakersfield Jam his entire pro career, was released by their parent team.  When he came in to the pool however, he was a free agent and claimed by the Wizards.  It would have made a lot more sense for his rights to belong to Bakersfield, the only team he had ever played with professionally.

In other former D-Leaguer news:

Former D-Leaguer Julius Hodge was released by the Adelaide 36ers over in New Zealand.  The local story paints Hodge as a bad apple, who was released due to getting upset after not being paid during one of his pay periods.  Adelaide's head coach was quoted as saying"It's almost a relief we don't have to deal with this anymore on a day-to-day basis."  Not quite a ringing endor sement for Julius, who was apparently late and missing practices even before he missed a paycheck.  Wonder if he'll return to the D-League?

Sonny Weems, who was just called back up the Nuggets after a brief stint in the D-League was late for practice his first day back.  Apparently, he had some times confused, but was fined regardless.  Weems was quoted as saying that Karl's "the coach and can do what he wants."  D-Leaguer's apparently are having some attitude issues..