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D-League Daily Bullets

Now that I've got my 2,000 words out about what I saw from watching box scores and games on Futurecast at the Showcase out today, I've decided to update you once again on the things going on around the world that us minor league junkies are interested in.

First, there was a blog on the New York Post today that stated everything I know about Sean Williams is wrong, besides him struggling mightily in the D-League.  "In talking with the coach," (Nets GM Rod) Thorn said, "he assured me Sean was in the lockerroom as he was supposed to be. And that is coming right from the coach."  Now I'm not sure whether to believe this report or the one that came out yesterday, but something must be up.

Next, I went on to notice Kyrylo Fesenko is going to possibly be making it back up to Bismarck this season.  It was a Rod Benson video when Fes let it be known he doesn't like North Dakota.  (3:45 mark)

I can't understand him, but I know he says Bismarck has axe murderers and Rod Benson responds with telling Fes about goulash.  I assume when staying at the Days Inn in Bismarck, he'll make sure the door is locked, and probably won't be able to sleep on the bus ride up from Sioux Falls.  Fes is more than likely bribing the Jerry Sloan right now to make sure he doesn't have to make that road trip, but the missed dunk in a D-League game probably isn't helping his cause.

My SBNation colleague Phoenix Stan over at Bright Side of the Sun had an interview with Courtney Sims that's definitely worth checking out over there, even though they referenced DraftExpress instead!

Donte Greene has been sent to the Reno Bighorns, according to Sactown Royalty.  Greene will have an interesting time fitting in on the Reno roster:  The Reno forward rotation currently includes Damone Brown, another long athletic post out of Syracuse, Antonio Meeking, a big-body veteran, and Patrick Ewing Jr.  The Bighorns center, Jesse Smith, isn't great, but I don't know if any of the four mentioned can really be a starting center.  This will be an interesting situation to watch, if not just to see how Jay Humphries decides to work these four talented players into good minutes in his rotation.