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Training Camp Invites - Dallas Mavericks

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Mavericks fans, meet the <a href="">only guy</a> you brought into camp.
Mavericks fans, meet the only guy you brought into camp.

So, the Mavericks seem to "get it," in that they're making moves to control their own D-League team, then they go and bring Jake Voskuhl into camp.  Whatever.

Jake Voskuhl - Assuming Voskuhl lands somewhere, this will be his 10th NBA season. Somehow.  His eFG percentage hasn't been above .500 since the 2003-2004 season.  Last year his regular FG percentage was an abysmal .267, and he averaged nine fouls per 36 minutes (which isn't even his career high).  His rebounding numbers have always been solid if unspectacular, but at this point in his career I wonder if that outweighs the fact that he's gotten even slower with age, and did I mention he shot .267 last season?  I'm assuming the Mavericks front office has some kind of secret stat that tells them Voskuhl is better than all the D-League guys who ended up going to Europe, because I just don't see it.