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Last Night in the Preseason

So yesterday, as you'll see, wasn't really the best day to recap.  A lot of teams without D-Leaguers played, and a lot of D-Leaguers who did play didn't do all that well.  Oh, and Dontell Jefferson played just two seconds.  What's that about?

Dallas Mavericks 93, Cleveland Cavaliers 82

Cleveland is to be commended for inviting several D-Leaguers to play for them, unfortunately with the exception of Jawad Williams they're not playing all that well.  Rob Kurz grabbed three rebounds and blocked a shot in about 15 and a half minutes last night, which isn't great for a 6'9" guy but is decent for someone who spends most of his time on the perimeter.  Going 0-3 on three-pointers, though, isn't all that great for a three-point shooter.  Russell Robinson got the start and played 41 and a half minutes, and while the eight assists are a positive, combining them with five turnovers and 3-11 shooting really isn't.  Coby Karl grabbed five rebounds, but also shot 1-7.  This paragraph depresses the hell out of me.

UPDATE: Apparently Coby Karl was one of the Cleveland players who had/has the flu, so his performance is somewhat understandable and I'll maybe stop being so hard on him.  Unfortunately when it comes to nonguaranteed guys, NBA teams don't usually care whether a poor shooting night is because of illness or not, so his chances aren't necessarily any better.

LA Clippers 103, Utah Jazz 96

So remember the other night when Kosta Koufos played okay and Kyrylo Fesenko struggled?  Well flip those.  I guess Koufos wasn't that terrible, as he picked up three rebounds, two assists, a steal and a block, but he also had all three of his field goal attempts blocked.  Yikes.  Fesenko was certainly better on the offensive end than he was the other night, scoring four points on 2-3 shooting with a block and an assist in eight minutes.  Keep in mind that for both of these guys you're not going to see an offensive explosion, but if they can keep the rebounding up and maybe cut down on getting their own shots rejected they can be useful to the Jazz.

Memphis Grizzlies 115, Detroit Pistons 95

Hamed Haddadi had three blocks in three minutes, because that's what he does.  And not really much else.