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Last Night in the Preseason

The preseason is beginning to wind down, as there were just three games last night.  And pretty uninteresting ones too for our purposes.  A lot of guys playing two or three minutes.  Let's get to it, I guess.

Atlanta Hawks 113, Washington Wizards 95

Paul Davis has played better in the preseason than I expected, and last night he shot 3-4 from the field and 2-2 from the line, and finished with eight points, three rebounds and a steal in a little under seven minutes.  Courtney Sims played about eight and a half minutes and a finished with six points (on 2-2 shooting both from the field and the line), but had no rebounds and a pair of fouls.  He's been scoring pretty well and pretty efficiently for Atlanta, but hasn't offered much else.

Houston Rockets 105, Oklahoma City 85

D.J. White had a pretty good game, shooting 4-6 and finishing with eight points, four rebounds and a block in 16 minutes.  Efficient Pops was back in this one, as Mensah-Bonsu made five of his six field goals (though only three of his six free throws).  He also grabbed four rebounds in a little over 16 minutes, though he also had a pair of turnovers.