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Dakota Waives Powell, Quezada, Stanley, Payne and Davis

Today's the deadline for teams to get down to 12 players so expect to see a lot of these announcements throughout the afternoon.  According to a team press release, the Dakota Wizards have released Rashaad Powell, Manny Quezada, Cameron Stanley, Derick Payne and Lorenzo Davis.

Powell is the one I'm most surprised about, as he was named the Big West conference defensive player of the year as a senior.  He's bounced around various minor leagues (he was an IBL all-star a few years ago) and has spent some time playing in lower-level overseas leagues.  He played at the University of Idaho, so I suppose he could try to get on with the Stampede at some point if he wants to hang around the D-League (though the fact that they didn't draft him or try to acquire him through allocation makes me think it's not going to happen).

Quezada was a decent three-point shooter in college, but the rest of his offensive game wasn't as good.  Stanley and Payne were both small forwards trying to make a team that already has several guys who can play that position.  To be honest I don't know much about Davis,  but Dakota brought back some of last year's big men and drafted a few pretty high as well, so he was probably a longshot.