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Ridiculous Transactions 11/16-11/22

Most of this week's big transactions are already known (D-League cuts, the Chris Hunter call-up), but I thought I'd do a little clean up and post some lengthier comments about a few things.

November 19: Rio Grande Valley Vipers - waived Cliff Clinkscales, Antoine Hood, Rashad Woods, Jamarcus Ellis, Deangelo Alexander

Ellis and Alexander were injury cuts.  Alexander probably was a longshot, although I think Ellis could develop into a decent minor league player.  Clinkscales is somewhat of a surprise, though I suppose this shows how much the team is committed to developing Garrett Temple at point guard and/or how much they like Kenny Dawkins.  There are a few D-League teams that could use a point guard, so Clinkscales could stick around, especially since the overseas demand has slowed to a trickle.

November 20: Mike Taylor - signed with Red Star (Serbia)

Speaking of the overseas market, Mike Taylor the guy who couldn't get a contract with the Memphis Grizzles because Mike Conley and (the other) Marcus Williams are just so great (sarcasm), is heading to Serbia.  He's undoubtedly do well, and while I imagine he'll be back next Summer League I can't help but hope that he doesn't acquire the stigma of being a "Euroleague" player and not get serious looks from NBA teams.  Taylor is just on the edge of this website's purview anymore anyway, but he really could help several NBA teams right now (Knicks, Nets, I'm looking in your direction).

November 21: Chris Hunter - signed with the Golden State Warriors

This was the big news of the week, of course, and while I don't want to repeat myself too much (check this Golden State of Mind post for some of my thoughts and links to RU posts about Hunter), the Warriors have been paying some attention to the D-League in recent years (they were thisclose to signing Othyus Jeffers last season), and I think Hunter is a good fit for them.  His offensive game isn't nailed to the post in the way that Don Nelson seems to hate, he can rebound, and he even apparently D'd up on Greg Oden (D'd up is how you write that, isn't it?).  And sure, Hunter is with the team because of all their injuries, and as soon as one of the wounded comes back Hunter is likely back out the door (as he represents contract number 16 for the Warriors), and sure there's a (not unreasonable) tendency among NBA watchers to dismiss a player's stats with "well sure, but it was for/against the Warriors," but Hunter can play in the NBA, even more so than someone like Trey Gilder and probably more than Derrick Byars, and given Don Nelson's recent comments about Hunter and Nelson's noted fickleness with the players on his roster hunter may get a real chance to show the league what he can do.