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Warriors Granted 2nd Hardship Exception; Rod Benson's Available!

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Who gets buckets, boards and blocks? Well, according to Mr. Boom Tho's newest video, Rod Benson.

Why is this relevant?

According to Marcus Thompson,

[Don Nelson] said Warriors are scouring the D-League for another player, their second-hardship exception

I don't want to be that guy and hype Benson just because he's RU-friendly, but I think this is seriously can't miss.

He's from the bay area, he runs the floor like few 6'10", 225 pound big men can (nobody else in the D-League is more fitting for the Warriors) and if nothing else, he'd cheer up the Golden State of Mind crew! Seriously, his qualifications aren't lacking and with Andris Biedrins, Ronny Turiaf and Mikki Moore all shelved, this could actually work.

As our old pal Matt Moore penned:

Benson's almost a volume rebounder, if there is such a thing. His DRR if he were to ever get a stinkin' flyer would be insane. All you're looking for is quality minutes and you know he'll give you that. He's added frame as he's gotten older and it's not like he's lost in terms of positioning. He's got a high basketball IQ. What's the downside here? The only thing I can figure at this point is that he peed on Adam Silver's rug at some point. And it tied the room together.

Plus, with the Warriors obviously not headed toward the playoffs, wouldn't it be nice to throw the fans a bone and call-up a marketable local player?

My other guess would be Rob Kurz, just because they're familiar with him and he's not in a shooting funk like Vladimir Radmanovic has been. Kurz played for the Warriors last year and is averaging 16 points and, remarkably, 12 boards for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants in the D-League. It doesn't really make sense to replicate Radmanovic, but how often do the Warriors make sense?

Dark horse? I'm throwing Dontell Jefferson's name into the mix. They're backcourt heavy, obviously, but Jefferson, tops on our most recent call-up rankings, might be able to pull the team together. He's a shooting guard turned pass-first point guard, 6'5" and a great defender, three things that would absolutely be able to help the Warriors out. It's not a position of need obviously, but the Warriors could definitely use him.